An Overview of Drug Testing at Florida Pain Clinics

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When being treated at a Florida pain clinic, inevitably a drug screen is performed. This is usually a urine drug test, and plays an integral role for multiple reasons in treatment.

The reasoning is fairly simple. As a baseline test, urine drug screening can show the doctor whether or not the patient has been recently participating in illicit substance abuse. Additionally, the pain doctor will be able to see if the individual has been compliant with the narcotic regimen that was being prescribed prior to being seen at that clinic.

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Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug testing, and oral saliva screening tests for amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, opiates, morphine, oxycodone, PCP, ecstasy and potentially more. Sometimes pain doctors will also test for marijuana but this is not ubiquitous. So the main reason is to ensure that the patient-physician relationship is off to a good start. Additionally, pain doctors are under increasing scrutiny from regulatory agencies such as medical boards and the DEA. Therefore, urine or saliva drug screening can make sure that appropriate records are kept on patient history. Along with the drug screening, pain clinics Tampa, pain management Orlando clinics, and others in FL often have patients sign a pain management agreement.

Studies show that on average over 20% of patients divert their narcotic medications to either sell them or exchange them for illicit substances. Studies have also shown that it can be extremely difficult for Florida pain doctors to pick out those patients who will divert the medications.

Therefore, most pain clinics simply test everybody to level the playing field and it often upsets individuals. But it needs to be kept in mind that although the vast majority of individuals are on the “up and up” as legitimate pain patients, there are some who have abused the system and made this necessary.

There are some patients who will try to deceive the system after the baseline test. They may try to take their narcotic medication the night before their next visit or the morning of the visit. The newest type of drug testing can see right through this. Opiate medications have metabolites that will form after a certain time period of being ingested. If the medication was only recently taken, the metabolites will not show up and pain management doctors in Florida will know that the patient has not been compliant with the treatment. In addition, there are certain types of bleaching agents or other adulterants that are often used to place into the sample to mask illicit drugs. These bleaching agents may also mask the substances. However, most drug testing laboratories look for these adulterants and catch cheating patients.

There are two different methods for urine drug screening. Pain clinics often have cups that show immediate results within a few minutes. In addition, those samples are often sent to a drug testing laboratories which can test very specifically the exact amounts of drugs and their metabolites along with adult turns in the specimen. This cannot only catch cheating patients, it may also allow pain doctors to make difficult decisions with regards as to whether to continue treating the patient or to fire them.

Finding a new pain doctor after being fired from one for either a dirty drug screen or another reason can be extremely difficult. So the best way to avoid this is not to cheat in the first place but to be compliant with the treatment protocol.

The Florida pain network connects those in pain with pain relievers. There are listings for Florida pain clinics throughout the state which provide interventional pain management along with medication management on an individualized basis. The specific listings of clinics show the services provided.

There are pain clinics in Orlando that are listed along with Miami pain management, Jacksonville pain management, Tampa pain clinics, Port St Lucie pain management, pain clinics in Fort Myers, and many more around the state.

The listings are geographically targeted so that placing your ZIP Code on the website will then show the listing is closest to you. Individuals may also call 877-877-8556 for assistance.