Can a Degenerative Spinal Disc Heal Itself?

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When it comes to degenerative disc disease, millions of Americans deal with chronic pain from the problem. While most who have degenerative discs experience no pain, there Are a substantial amount of people who have daily, chronic back pain that may be disabling.

Can a  degenerative disc heal itself and if so, can it take away the associated pain?Degenerative Disc Disease

The short answer is no a degenerative disc will not heal itself. Here’s the explanation of why. As individuals reach adulthood, the blood supply to spinal discs goes away. A spinal disc receives its nutrition from the bone above or below, called the vertebrae.

The nutrition comes in by way of diffusion, therefore, it is an extremely poor method of receiving nutrients and therefore has a very low capacity to heal any damage. The human body overall is amazing, so why would it set up the disc for failure with no blood supply?

When degeneration of the disc occurs or injury, or surgery is performed, the disc really doesn’t fix itself to any significant amount. The hope is that regenerative medicine will continue to advance so that biologic substances may be injected into the disk and help the regenerative process be able to reconstitute degenerative discs.

Port St Lucie pain managementAll hope is not lost when an individual has pain from degenerative disc disease. It is possible that the pain being experienced can burnout over time and that is why most individuals will not end up needing surgery for the problem. Physical therapy, chiropractic treatment and injections of pain medicine into the disc can help reduce pain along with waiting for the pain to burnout on its own.

So that’s the long answer is that spinal discs do not have the capacity in any meaningful way to repair themselves. Pain management doctors in Florida have numerous methods of treatment for degenerative disc disease. These include Port St Lucie pain management clinics, Tampa pain management clinics, Miami, Ocala, Fort Myers and more.

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